Blog Determining the value of an investment property Written by Edward Krigsman Oftentimes we’re asked the question, how do you determine the value of an investment property? There are several ways to do it, and different approaches work best for different properties. For smaller duplexes, and fourplexes often times a quick and dirty way to discuss the value is to look at a […]
Blog Cooling of the Seattle apartment market Written by Edward Krigsman A decade of limited supply of rental units and heightened demand due to strong local employment caused a dramatic increase in Seattle’s rent rates. They surged nearly 70% over the past decade, nearly 8 times the national average. During this period, apartment developers responded by constructing new apartment units. The past […]
Blog Winds of Change? Seattle’s last ten years witnessed what may be remembered as its juggernaut real estate decade, marked by year-over-year price increases often in the double-figures. For property owners, this market was a windfall. But for many home homebuyers it has been dispiriting. But change may be coming: You may have noticed a higher number of houses […]
Blog Pacific Northwest Regionalism The Södergren Studio House is a classic example of a form of modernist architecture called Northwest Regionalism.  This architecture evolved between the 1930's and the 1970's–largely thanks to the University of Washington and what became it's School of Architecture. The architects associated with this time period in Northwest Regionalism showcased the Pacific Northwest’s natural materials, such as wood, […]
Blog Wishing You A Good New Year Happy New Year! I hope this letter finds you and your loved ones well. I would enjoy hearing from you; please drop me a line when you have a moment. My personal life continues to be enriched by our first child, Abraham, now a toddler. Although Abraham’s interests are varied, he possesses an admirable love […]
Blog Designing The Future in the 1960’s We recently had the opportunity to list for sale a home whose design reflects a diversity of styles and trends – all from the early 1960's and rarely found in a single property. These trends include Modernism, Space Age, Car Culture, Atomic Age, Googie and Futurism.  The Vista ’63 endeavor also reflects how 60’s-era technology […]
Blog Mountain Modern Architecture “It is the pervading law of all things organic and inorganic…that form ever follows function." – American architect, Louis Sullivan, Prior to the 1950’s, Seattle could not boast a distinctive regional architectural language. Instead, Pacific Northwest architecture referenced bungalow and Queen Anne and other styles less popular in California and the Midwest, with frequent nods toward […]
Blog Mid-Century Modern – The Pacific Northwest The postwar era in America witnessed the expression of a new approach to architecture, one appropriate for the modern age. It was practical, functional and economical. Open spaces, new materials and connections between the outside world and the inside of a home were crafted harmoniously. Click on the picture to view the Exterior Gallery This […]
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Blog Windy-Mere Windermere: What’s in a name? Do you know where the name “Windermere” originates?  Windermere is actually the name of Old England’s largest lake. The name is Scandinavian for “Vinandr’ “Mere; Vindandr – a family’s name, and Mere  which translates as “lake” or “pool.”  The 10.5 mile, 219 foot deep Windermere Lake is located in the […]
Blog Genesis House: Funding a Future for Addiction Treatment Named for the Arbutus trees common to the area, Madrona’s hills rose from the Vashon Glacier that melted 40,000 years ago, shaping Lake Washington and other Pacific Northwest landmarks. By the 19th century Seattle’s Union Trunk Line Railway chugged up the hill along a new town center, up 34th Avenue toward Madrona Park. Conveniently located […]
Blog 3.8% Medicare Real Estate Tax: Fact or Fiction?   You may have heard rumors about a 3.8% seller real estate tax to begin in 2013 and wondered if there was any truth to it. Simply put, these rumors are a mixture of fact and fiction: When people refer to the “Medicare Tax”, they are talking about the tax provision of the Patient Protection […]
Blog How new finance legislation affects home owners, buyers and sellers   Many home owners, buyers, and sellers have been carefully watching the new federal finance package passed on January 1, 2013 by both the U.S. House of Representatives and the Senate. This is because it included automatic tax increases as well as federal spending cuts that involve real estate programs. Many important real estate programs […]
Blog New Home Design & Social Trends   Builders of new homes frequently discover new ways to differentiate their new construction from existing houses, hoping to capture the attention of potential customers by delighting and surprising them. The more successful builders therefore develop keen skills in observing emerging social trends, incorporating features, finishes, and floor plans that fulfill the needs of new […]
Blog Cultural Trends: How driving trends are impacting the housing market   As we have mentioned in previous blog posts, home buyers continue to consider their daily commute when making home purchase decisions. Some Americans are limiting their driving or forgoing cars all together. In recent years, the driving trends of Millennial and Boomer generations have decreased steadily. More Americans in general are embracing alternatives to driving like […]