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EK On The Go Dingbats, Bel-Bains, and Thunderbirds – Capitol Hill’s Mid-Century Apartments EK On The Go – Episode #25 Join us for a conversation with Tom Heuser, President of the Capitol Hill Historic Society and visual artist, Lana Blinderman in an exploration of Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood through it’s easily overlooked architecture, apartment buildings from the 1950’s-1970’s. For decades, these apartments and condominiums had provided architectural ambience, […]
EK On The Go Epiphany Atop Mt Rainier | Nick Bratton of Forterra EK On The Go – Episode #24 If you live in the Pacific Northwest, chances are you appreciate the region’s unspoiled natural beauty especially forests, farms, shorelines, parks and other natural areas. Join us today for a conversation with Nick Bratton, Senior Director of Policy for Forterra. Since 1989, Forterra has secured over 275,000 acres […]
EK On The Go Another Golden Age: Doreen Alhadeff on Seattle’s Sephardic Renaissance EK On The Go – Episode #23 Join us in this episode with Doreen Alhadeff, Co-Founder of the Seattle Sephardic Network and the first Jewish American to receive Spanish citizenship under a 2015 law permitting descendants of Jews expelled in the 15th Century to apply for it. Doreen’s family history and life choices connect her […]
EK On The Go Home Plate Beneath the Hardware Store – Seattle Author Mark Holtzen EK On The Go – Episode #22 Just in time for baseball season! Join us in this episode with Mark Holtzen, author of A Ticket to the Penant, a children’s book that explores the Seattle’s Rainier Valley, circa 1955, through the eyes of a young baseball fan. EK Group · EK On The Go | Episode #22: […]
EK On The Go Nooks & Crannies of Queen Anne Hill ~ QA Historical Society EK On The Go – Episode #21 Join us in this episode with Marga Rose Hancock & Rosalie Daggett, board members of the Queen Anne Historical Society. In this episode we will focus on urban spaces, specifically the nooks and crannies throughout one of Seattle’s oldest neighborhood’s Queen Anne Hill. Queen Anne is a vibrant […]
EK On The Go Funding Nature ~ Christine Mahler on Washington Wildlife & Recreation EK On The Go – Episode #20 Just in time for summer! If you live in the Pacific Northwest, chances are you enjoy outdoor recreation. In this episode, Christine Mahler, executive director of the Washington Wildlife & Recreation Coalition, will share how our region’s most beloved outdoor spaces—from urban wildlife areas and family farms to […]
EK On The Go Locally Sourced Architecture: Chris Patano, AIA EK On The Go – Episode #19 Join us in this episode with Christopher Patano, AIA, Studio Director for Patano Studio. Chris has executed projects that include civic spaces and places such as parks, aviation facilities, schools, higher education buildings, and other learning environments, factories, corporate headquarters, transportation facilities, & private residences. In this episode […]
EK On The Go Brooklyn in Seattle: Connecting to our City through History – Adam Alsobrook, AIA EK On The Go – Episode #18 Join us in this episode with architectural historian, Adam Alsobrook, AIA where we will explore how a love of history connects us to the places we love. You may be surprised to learn the original names of some of Seattle’s neighborhoods and how they have changed over time. Adam’s appreciation for […]
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EK On The Go Leaving Great Footprints – Bob Bennion, of Compass Real Estate EK On The Go – Episode #17 Join us in this episode where we will speak with another leader in this industry, broker Bob Bennion of Compass Real Estate, on Making a Difference in the Pacific Northwest. With 30 years of experience handling high-end real estate, Bob shares insights that come from working closely with […]
EK On The Go Nature & Seattle’s Built Environment – Mary & Ray Johnston of Johnston Architects EK On The Go – Episode #15 Join us in this episode where we will explore the relationship of nature & Seattle’s ever-changing built environment, by exploring the work of Seattle-based architects Ray & Mary Johnston of Johnston Architects which has been around since 1990. With offices tucked into the hillside along the Burke Gilman […]
EK On The Go Urban Infrastructure, Preserving History – Paula Johnson of Willamette Cultural Resources Associates, LTD. EK On The Go – Episode #14 Join us in this episode featuring Paula Johnson of Willamette Cultural Resources Associates. Paula has over 27 years of archaeological experience across Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, and California and has contributed to permitting and construction of many of the largest infrastructure projects in the Puget Sound, including transportation, […]
EK On The Go Shaping Seattle’s Business Culture – Paul Suzman founder of OfficeLease EK On The Go – Episode #13 Join us in this episode featuring Paul Suzman, founder of OfficeLease. In this episode we will deepen our appreciation of place—focusing on the business skyline comprised of Seattle’s office buildings for a fascinating glimpse of the people and companies that fill these office towers. Paul started his company […]
EK On The Go Beneath All Places, There is Design – Stacy Segal of Seattle Architecture Foundation EK On The Go – Episode #12 Join us in this episode featuring Stacy Segal, someone who has devoted years helping people in Seattle learn and appreciate their built environment. Stacy, the Executive Director of Seattle Architecture Foundation, discusses why connecting people to the architecture, design, and history of Seattle matters. Here is Stacy in […]
EK On The Go Jim Goldberg & Alison Jeffries ~ Meaningful Places EK On The Go – Episode #11 Join us in this episode and peek inside the world of real estate branding and placemaking to learn how builders and developers use placemaking to create more attractive and meaningful places. Red Propeller’s Jim Goldberg and Allison Jeffries will provide insight on how new apartment buildings, condos, and […]
EK On The Go Roger Valdez ~ The Architecture of Discomfort EK On The Go – Episode #10 Join us in this episode featuring Roger Valdez, where we will explore perhaps the most talked-about topic in Seattle today: Housing Affordability. As founder of Seattle For Growth, Roger argues that best way to solve our affordability crisis is to make it easier for builders and developers to […]
EK On The Go Keeping Score by Hand ~ Developer Scott Shapiro EK On The Go – Episode #9 If you enjoyed our most recent podcast conversation, featuring visionary development team Bill and Andy Parks, you will want to listen to this episode of EK On The Go. We will explore the fascinating career of another local developer—Scott Shapiro. After graduating from Wesleyan University and Columbia Business […]
EK On The Go Bill & Andy Parks ~ Building Lofts Inspired by Orangutans EK On The Go – Episode #8 If you enjoyed our last episode, exploring people’s emotional connection to place with artist and place maker Susan Robb, then our guest today, developer Bill Parks—a place maker of a different sort—will keep you On The Go with us for the next 45 minutes. Comparing him to other […]
EK On The Go Susan Robb ~ Reconnecting With Our Wilderness EK On The Go – Episode #7 Discovering and Creating Places that Matter for Our Emotions In our last episode, we traveled with architect Bradley Khouri and learned how mixed-use development is reshaping our neighborhoods. In this episode, we focus on what may be getting lost in this process of change. Today, our guide is […]
EK On The Go Bradley Khouri ~ Scratching Three Itches with Architecture EK On The Go – Episode #6 Reshaping Our City Through Advocacy, Teaching, and Practice In the driver’s seat is Bradley Khouri principal of b9 Architects, who has been recognized for innovation, design excellence and commitment to sustainability. He is the principal architect of many of the new popping up across neighborhoods that include Capitol […]
EK On The Go Creating Parks for the Public Good: The Seattle Commons Experience EK On The Go – Episode #5 Do you remember the Seattle Commons project, the colossal park north of downtown Seattle that never happened? In this episode we will travel back in time and look at a segment of our civic history and how one decision could have seriously altered the transformation of our city. We are […]