Kevin Eckert ~ BUILD, LLC

EK On The Go – Episode #1

“My Buildings Don’t Have to Fly” – Kevin Eckert on Local Design & Development

Welcome to EK On The Go, a new podcast bringing together local people charged with creating, preserving, and celebrating places that matter in the Seattle area.

In today’s episode we are joined by Kevin Eckert, founding partner of BUILD LLC. Today Kevin shares his influences, which range from engineering in Kansas and Danish modernism. He also explains his firm’s approach to design and construction, suggesting modes of creating that will produce buildings for Seattle’s future that are more economical, durable, and beautiful than many being built today.

Whether you recently arrived to Seattle or have lived here for decades, we hope that you will find our podcast informative and useful.

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These are the models Kevin brought to the studio and has talked about during the podcast to share with our audience. Kevin also mentioned their other works, the Park Modern and the Mercer Education building during the show, which you can take look at by following the links. 

Kevin Eckert, BUILD LLC First Central Station 602 Flats
Kevin Eckert

Founder of BUILD LLC

First Central Station 602 Flats