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EK On The Go Creating Parks for the Public Good: The Seattle Commons Experience EK On The Go – Episode #5 Do you remember the Seattle Commons project, the colossal park north of downtown Seattle that never happened? In this episode we will travel back in time and look at a segment of our civic history and how one decision could have seriously altered the transformation of our city. We are […]
EK On The Go Norm Rice EK On The Go – Episode #4 Building Trust by Talking over the Fence: A Process for Successful Civic Engagement In this episode we welcome guest Norm Rice, Seattle’s 49th mayor. Come stroll with us down mayoral-memory-lane through Seattle’s  first tech boom of the 1990’s. His two-Mayoral terms reversed decades of economic decline in Seattle’s […]
EK On The Go House Healers EK On The Go – Episode #3 “Listening and finding the soul of the house” – House Healers This episode brings you the adventurous Heidi Schor & Paul Damen, aka House Healers, who retrieve the souls of exceptional and historically significant houses. Tune in to explore Heidi & Paul’s house healing journey, their process of […]
EK On The Go Michael Klebeck: Anchoring People to Places EK On The Go – Episode #2 “Buildings that create epiphanies” – Michael Klebeck on Anchoring People to Places In this episode Edward welcomes Michael Klebeck, creator of many of the area’s most memorable brands and places, including Top Pot Doughnuts. Inspired by a love of mid-century aesthetics, Michael’s distinct approach to marrying art and […]
EK On The Go Kevin Eckert ~ BUILD, LLC EK On The Go – Episode #1 “My Buildings Don’t Have to Fly” – Kevin Eckert on Local Design & Development Welcome to EK On The Go, a new podcast bringing together local people charged with creating, preserving, and celebrating places that matter in the Seattle area. In today’s episode we are joined by Kevin […]
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