Power of Place Episode #50

The Prodigal Dad – Sarah Eichhorn

Join us in this episode for a conversation with Sarah Eichhorn, daughter of writer Dennis P. Eichhorn, known for his adult-oriented autobiographical comic book series “Real Stuff.”

With reminiscences echoing a central premise of her father’s work—that truth is stranger than fiction—Sarah recounts his birth and orphanhood at Montana State Prison. Sarah later talks of her fight to keep her infant child, which succeeded in part thanks to her father’s intervention.

With healthy measures of wit and soul, the younger Eichhorn’s tales transport us to the Northwest's creative milieu of the 70's, 80's and 90's through which her iconoclastic father traveled. With a cast of colorful characters including comic book illustrators Peter Bagge, Pat Moriarity and Triangle-Slash among others, we learn of Dennis’ lauded editorial work for The Rocket in Seattle and, later, for Libertarian publisher Loomponics Unlimited, based in Port Townsend, WA.

As if a testament to the fullness of her father’s capacious life, Sarah friendships encompass generations of talented artists: Anchoring this episode’s soundscape are the polyrhythmic laments of Jason Webley (originally of Everett, WA) and the pensive ballads of singer songwriter Eilen Jewell (originally from Boise, ID). We’ll also enjoy archival recordings of Dennis P. Eichhorn sharing stories.

Warning: This episode’s content is more suitable for adult listeners.

"My life may not seem that vanilla, but it could have been a lot more wild; I’ve lived on the side of caution because of a lot of his escapades." - Sarah Eichhorn

  • Host: Edward Krigsman
  • Guest: Colleen Echohawk
  • Sound Engineering: Daniel Gunther
  • Photography: Travis Lawton
  • Administration: Mary Mansour
  • Series music: Theme by Tomo Nakayama as performed Grand Hallway; Additional music by Andrew Weathers, Arx Duo, and Ryan Love.
  • Episode Music: Eilen Jewell, Jason Webley, Larry Fischer

We record on the traditional lands of the Coast Salish peoples. Many thanks to Amanda Taylor and Pat Moriarity.