Power of Place Episode #43 | The Maker – Art Chantry

Dive into the second episode of this two-part series as we continue our conversation with graphic designer, Art Chantry, whose stories sparkle as vibrantly as his colorful posters, offering original insights from Seattle’s grunge era.

These tales span Art’s diverse interests and influences: The allure of archaeology; Dadaism & Surrealism; old commercial art by overlooked masters, accidental inking errors. Chantry exposes the misguided muddling of fine art with graphic design and then explains how graphic design underscores propaganda and politics.

Art concludes by heralding a new book showcasing Estrus Records, home of bands like The Makers, Mono Men and The Mummies. He confesses that his posters and album covers for these bands were his most liberated. So, this publication is a faithful retrospective for a maverick homegrown genius whose impact is international.

"You are standing next to this pond that suddenly emerges and you throw a pebble into the water and this ripple would start. And it got bigger...and before you know, it's a tidal wave; then you hit the shoreline and it's a tsunami and it wipes out half of America; and it's like: 'Wow...I did that....' We were close enough where we could do things like that and actually watch it happen! - Art Chantry