Power of Place Episode #27 | Place-Based Fictions - Jim Lynch

Welcome to our first podcast episode of 2022. Beginning with this episode, EK on the Go is now Power of Place, Stories of the Pacific Northwest, with a new appearance and soundscape.

In this episode we will hear from one of Pacific Northwest’s most acclaimed living novelists, Jim Lynch. Jim's approach to storytelling reflects both meticulous research as well as years living and working in four distinct locales: The wild mudflats of Eld Inlet near Washington State's capitol in Olympia; the Canada-U.S. Border near Blaine, WA; Downtown Seattle at the time of the Century21 Exposition; as well as the docks of Victoria, B.C. and the sea-based boating culture connecting all of these lands. Jim will also provide us with a glimpse into his upcoming novel.

"I had never really read a novel that tried to put readers right on mudflats, right down into Puget Sound, as opposed to it being a backdrop." - James Lynch