Power of Place Episode #25 | Dingbats & Thunderbirds - Tom Heuser & Lana Blinderman

Join us in this episode for a conversation with Tom Heuser, President of the Capitol Hill Historic Society, and artist-photographer Lana Blinderman about the distinctive though oft-overlooked architectural history of Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood.

For decades, the Hill’s midcentury apartments and condominiums provided architectural ambiance and offered relatively affordable housing, becoming spaces for communities and cultures to gather. Thanks to a grant from King County's Arts & Heritage organization 4Culture at the start of the pandemic, Tom and Lana were able to survey their vibrant neighborhood's multifamily buildings. Tune in to hear about what they discovered in city courtyards and alleys and the aesthetic and civic importance of documenting architecture.

“[P]eople adapt buildings to what they need and buildings grow with people.” - Lana Blinderman