Power of Place Episode #23 | Another Golden Age - Doreen Alhadeff

Join us in this episode with Doreen Alhadeff, co-founder of the Seattle Sephardic Network and the first Jewish American to receive Spanish citizenship under a 2015 law permitting descendants of Jews expelled from Spain in the fifteenth century to apply for citizenship.

Enjoy Doreen’s reminiscences about her childhood and youth in multiethnic Seward Park. Doreen recounts the rich linguistic tapestry of her extended family, which had its roots in fifteenth-century Spain and had come to Seattle by way of Istanbul and New York, among other places, bringing with them Sephardic traditions and foods that bore the traces of their journeys.

“The idea of watching out for others, because you knew others in the neighborhood, you knew them well, was very important.” - Doreen Alhadeff on growing up in Seward Park