Power of Place Episode #11 | Swamis of Swank - Jim Goldberg and Allison Jeffries

Join us in this episode with Jim Goldberg and Allison Jeffries of Red Propeller as they trace their path into real estate marketing and branding – a journey that contributed to and paralleled Seattle’s emergence from regional to national and global prominence. 

Prophetic storytellers skilled at channeling the spirit of a place, Jim and Allison have shaped our lived experience of Seattle. In her formative work in residential marketing for Paul Allen’s real estate company Vulcan, Allison and her team breathed life into the nascent South Lake Union neighborhood. After founding Red Propeller with Jim, she told the stories of such Seattle landmark developments as Stratus & Cirrus, The Danforth, Seabrook, Luma, Amli Arc, Pike Motorworks, Via6, Capitol Hill Station and Panorama. 

Learn about current and future transformations of Seattle from this talented team and hear Allison’s insightful reminiscences of Paul Allen and his love for Seattle.

“There’s so much that happens at the street level.” - Jim Goldberg of Red Propeller