Power of Place Episode #8 | Orangutan Lofts - Bill Parks and Andy Parks

Strap on your toolbelt, pull up your work-boots and join Edward for a constructive discussion with father-son developer duo Bill Parks and Andy Parks. 

Bill reminisces about his many innovative residential projects, including Stonewater Lofts in Fremont, a site-specific installation inspired by the orangutan habitat at Woodland Park Zoo and re-created with the help of zoo designers, and Fremont Lofts, influenced by the steep townscapes of Umbria and Tuscany. After decades building Seattle as a contractor, Bill now uses his hands-on experience with materials and techniques, and collaboration with local artisans and fabricators, many of them friends, to make ingenious contributions to the built environment. Learn how Bill’s approach creates common spaces and places for communities to gather.

“My dad has taken a step back from worrying about maximizing efficiency and production and viewed his projects more as a form of expression.” - Andy Parks