Power of Place Episode #7 | Wild Utopias - Susan Robb

Join us in this episode to fly away with Seattle artist Susan Robb, whose work is often both ephemeral and monumental.

Susan speaks with Edward about her subversive multi-media art practices (encompassing sculpture, photography, video, performance, and interventions) in both Seattle and Tacoma, and her artistic project to articulate and represent our emotional connection to place. Her public sculpture Parking Squid, commissioned by the Seattle Department of Transportation and installed at the Seattle Waterfront in 2012 (and since moved to Ballard), combines functional art (bicycles could be tethered to one of the squid’s tentacles) with an evocation of the mysterious creatures lurking in the depths of Puget Sound. Before today’s massive Waterfront redevelopment, the sculpture invited interaction with both city street and natural environment. Be inspired by Susan’s thoughtful engagement with development, regional history, homelessness, and climate change, crystallized in her place-making projects.

“Whose Seattle is this? Do we have a right to our past?” - Susan Robb