Power of Place Episode #3 | Healing Houses - Heidi Schor and Paul Damen

Buckle your seatbelts and get ready for a transcendent journey through time and place through the psychically attuned, restorative interior design practice of Heidi Schor and Paul Damen, aka House Healers.

This adventurous and perceptive duo relies on a sixth sense to retrieve the souls of neglected and forgotten Seattle houses, many of which they find to be historically or architecturally significant. Using their natural gifts and cultivated eye, Heidi and Paul envision what it will take to restore the ailing house to health. Their therapeutic process is embodied in the restoration of the once derelict midcentury shambles they’ve discovered and recast as Heron House and Chinook House.

“Listening and finding the soul of the house” – House Healers