EK On The Go November 20, 2018

Susan Robb ~ Reconnecting With Our Wilderness

EK On The Go – Episode #7

Discovering and Creating Places that Matter for Our Emotions

In our last episode, we traveled with architect Bradley Khouri and learned how mixed-use development is reshaping our neighborhoods. In this episode, we focus on what may be getting lost in this process of change. Today, our guide is Susan Robb, a Seattle-based interdisciplinary artist and thought leader. Susan will show us how we can transform contemporary concerns such as climate crisis, social isolation, high-speed daily living into opportunities to re-envision and re-connect. Susan wrote the Seattle Artist In Residence Master Plan and is currently engaged by the City of Tacoma on a downtown place-making project. Susan’s on-going investigation of people and our emotional connection to place encompasses media such as sculpture, photography, video, performance, interventions, and socially-engaged work. Join us on an artistic adventure and learn how and why places matter to our emotional well-being.

Here is Susan in the studio, together with the item she brought along to share with you (Click on the image to enlarge):


Susan Robb, Artist

Show & Tell


        3D printed rocks, from Mt. Whitney Susan’s Ideation Cards

And explore Susan Robb’s expansive body of work at her WEBSITE.