EK On The Go October 23, 2018

Bradley Khouri ~ Scratching Three Itches with Architecture

EK On The Go – Episode #6

Reshaping Our City Through Advocacy, Teaching, and Practice

In the driver’s seat is Bradley Khouri principal of b9 Architects, who has been recognized for innovation, design excellence and commitment to sustainability. He is the principal architect of many of the new popping up across neighborhoods that include Capitol Hill, Queen Anne Hill, the Central District, Wallingford, Fremont, and more. In this episode, we look at the factors shaping the changing appearance of so many of Seattle’s neighborhoods, how Seattle’s building & land use code shapes new development, recent initiatives to create housing affordability through upzoning and developer incentives and the responsibility of architects and developers to the broader good. So join us as we explore what Seattle’s neighborhoods will look and feel like once all the cranes that are reshaping them come down.


Bradley in the studio, together with the item he brought to share with you (Click on the image to enlarge):

Bradley Khouri, b9 Architects

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