EK On The Go – Episode #4

Building Trust by Talking over the Fence: A Process for Successful Civic Engagement

In this episode we welcome guest Norm Rice, Seattle's 49th mayor. Come stroll with us down mayoral-memory-lane through Seattle's  first tech boom of the 1990's. His two-Mayoral terms reversed decades of economic decline in Seattle’s downtown core, transformed our city's neighborhoods, and seeded the revitalization of South Lake Union. Join us as we explore how the Seattle of today -- a place of global cultural and economic preeminence -- is rooted in recent memory. Fasten your seatbelt as we uncover a big chunk of our city’s transformation packed in one short but dynamic hour.

Norm Rice

Edward and Norm Rice in the studio.

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Walking Tour

In the next episode, we will explore the 90’s and today by diving deeply into the Seattle Commons. Our guides will be Atlas Obscura Society Seattle Field Agent Christopher Blado and Weston Brinkley of Street Sounds Ecology. Many of you might also be interested in catching a walking tour with Chris and Weston exploring an alternate history of the Seattle Commons Project. Click here to sign up for the tour.