EK On The Go – Episode #2

“Buildings that create epiphanies” – Michael Klebeck on Anchoring People to Places

In this episode Edward welcomes Michael Klebeck, creator of many of the area’s most memorable brands and places, including Top Pot Doughnuts. Inspired by a love of mid-century aesthetics, Michael’s distinct approach to marrying art and commerce has been intelligently shaping Seattle for years through aromas, flavors and design. Tune in to learn how Michael’s vision put Mod Pizza on the map, about the role of design and history in anchoring people to places, and how Michael’s approach to branding “in place” blends the old with the new in our own backyard.

Here is a photo of Michael in the studio, together with items he brought with him to share with you (Click on the image to enlarge):

Michael Klebeck Tyee (cover) vintage University of Washington yearbook Label with Stamp (side of Top Pot 6-pack doughnut box)



 Handmade sketchbook by Michael Handmade sketchbook by Michael Handmade sketchbook by Michael